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single screw loss-in-weight feeder 25l
发布于:2018/9/7 17:05:33        
single screw loss-in-weight feeder     25l

product type : jw-ss-01

application:(it’s suitable for small uniform granule raw materials weighing)

         cement raw material and clinker batching, small granular materials of power, chemical, glass industry batching process; engineering plastics, modified plastics, chemical fiber pp, abs, pet in proportional ingredients mixing feeding; production batching process of small granules,such as food, medicine, grain, fodder, etc.batching process of daily chemical, fine chemical industry, fluorine chemical industry, washing powder,etc.



features :

1.special load cell with high precision and high standard;

2.loss-in-weight feeder can be applicable to automatic production of ingredients, reduces the labor 

    cost, several machines can also be used to weigh a variety of different materials at the same time, 

    through adjusting the screw feeding flow to achieve continuous mixing weighing and packaging in 


3.can choose batch weighing according to bag quantity, also can choose keep constant flow 

    continuous weighing, use servo motor feeding control system, keep constant flow to feed material;

4.according to the production situation can be directly modify the parameters in operation, the 

    operation is simple and convenient.user can operate the weigher by hmi,rs-485a online or data 


5.single screw feeder is mainly for most of uniform and easy flow granules, especially for new material, 

    can make high repeat accuracy and linear precision. as for powder material, double screw feeder is 


mechanical character : material parts are made of stainless steel 304, safety and hygiene;

2.machine structure is simple, easy to install and clean;storage hopper and screw discharging part can 

    be quickly disassembled;

3.reasonable structural design to reduce the running vibration to the minimum;the sealed structure to 

    avoid the bad environment effect of weighing accuracy.


technical specification :





max weighing capacity

30 kg



 flow range


storage hopper volume


 control panel

 7" touch screen

 driving system

servo motor

 power requirement

ac 220v / 800w / 50/60hz / 4a

 machine dimension(mm)


 packing dimension(mm)