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algerian food packaging machinery exhibition djazagro from april 9 to april 12, 2018. peruvian exhibition booth ct f 027
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invitation to attend our exhibition.

algerian food packaging machinery exhibition djazagro from april 9 to april 12, 2018

peruvian exhibition booth ct f 027

kenwei colleagues at the exhibition

albert lee  

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the exhibition to introduce

since 2003, each year,2016 has been the 14th. this exhibition is hosted by comexposium, a large french exhibition company that hosted the sial series.

algeria in sial clearly divided into four major parts: food and beverage, food ingredients, food processing and mechanical refrigeration pavilion packaging (packaging equipment, raw materials and fruit vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products, beverage, grain, candy packaging), baked goods and equipment pavilion (bread, pastry and raw materials).

bread is algeria's staple food, and manufacturers of algerian bread and pastries need to find new manufacturing equipment and ingredients and additives. chinese exhibitors can find new business opportunities in this exhibition!

70% of the exhibitors once again made a high evaluation of the volume of the djazagro exhibition.

in 2015, the exhibition area was 14,500 square meters, and the total number of exhibitors was 637, which increased by 16% compared with 2014. among them, 76% of the exhibitors were international exhibitors, from 31 countries and regions respectively. the number of viewers was 20125, an increase of 5% over 2014.

exhibits range

food and beverage pavilion: agricultural products, convenient food, frozen food, green food, health food, canned food, meat products, poultry products, dairy products, spices, grain and oil products, nuts, greens, baking food, leisure food, edible fungus and native products, etc.;

food ingredients: food ingredients and raw materials; food additives;

bakery: raw materials and semi-processed food; bread and pastry making machinery;

food processing, packaging machinery shop: food processing class; wrapper classes; canned classes; food storage and processing; food preservation and refrigeration; control and adjustment machinery; labelling and spraying machine equipment.

the last review

exhibition area: 14,500 square meters.

number of exhibitors: 637.

number of visits: 20,125.

market analysis

the economy is the second largest in africa, after south africa. algeria is africa's leading importer of agricultural food, accounting for 25 per cent of africa's total imports. the agricultural population of afghanistan is 1 million, and the arable land area is 8 million hectares, accounting for 3 percent of the land area. the main crops are grain (wheat, barley and oats), beans, vegetables and fruits (oranges, grapes, dates). since the 1990s, it has been able to produce only about 30 percent of its domestic demand, importing between $2 billion and $2.5 billion a year. afghanistan is one of the world's ten largest importers of food, milk, oil and sugar.

in 2006, bilateral trade volume was us $2.09 billion, up 18.2 percent year on year, with china exporting us $1.947 billion and importing us $143 million. the report says the industry remains an important contributor to the country's economic growth, as algerian agricultural production cannot meet its own needs. the food import and export trade deficit is large and is a big food importer in africa.

the development of agro-processing industry requires foreign investment and has great investment potential. agricultural absorbed nearly a quarter of the population, employment algeria despite the government introduced some reform measures, the development of agricultural production, but still in the processing, packaging and downstream industries such as lack of energy. for foreign investors, therefore, the increasingly active in the domestic market, agriculture, fishery, food processing factors such as the weak link in the development of both provide a good investment opportunities, particularly in food processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, and other industries of great potential.