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2017 polish international food processing exhibition
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held a year of one of 2017 polish international food processing and the exhibition will be held on september 25, the exhibition sponsored by the poznan international exhibition company, held at an international exhibition center, wavelengths, which is in central and eastern europe the largest and the most important professional exhibitions.

the 2017 polish international food processing exhibition will be held at the center of the exhibition center in september

the exhibition area is covered by the exhibition hall of poznan exhibition center every year. at the same time, the exhibition is one of the three exhibitions of poznan exhibition group. therefore, it is not easy to find one booth each year. the last exhibition exhibition area of more than 10000 square meters, with food show a total exhibition area of more than 30000 square meters, from spain, austria, germany, france, america, greece, china, turkey, the czech republic and other 31 countries 1300 exhibitors exhibition products, audience of 45000 people, from 48 countries and regions. the next polagra-tech polish international bakery and confectionery exhibition will be held at poznan international exhibition center in poland in september 2016.

poland is one of the more successful countries in central and eastern europe economic transition, the polish government by cutting rates, tax cuts, reduce the burden of enterprises, support small and medium-sized enterprises, increased investment in infrastructure, encourage exports and investment and other measures to stimulate economic growth, the polish economy has maintained high growth in recent years, the polish government to easing the burden on enterprises, increase the support to small and medium-sized enterprises, and expand infrastructure spending and other measures, to promote economic growth and employment. poland has gradually entered another period of rapid growth. after joining the european union, the economy grew rapidly, but faced increasing public deficit, a large number of labor losses and higher unemployment. poland's gdp grew by 1.7% in 2009 compared with a year earlier, according to preliminary statistics from poland's central statistics bureau, with fixed-asset investment down 0.3% and consumer spending up 2%. in 2009, the total employment of polish businesses fell by 1.2%, and the average wage increased by 4.4%.

exhibition exhibits include:

(1) the food industry machinery and equipment, food and beverage processing machinery, packaging and printing machinery, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, heating equipment, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, power electronics equipment, metering measurement and control instruments, laboratory equipment, hotel equipment;

(2) food processing technology: baking and confectionery industry, dairy processing machinery equipment;

(3) franchising; food and beverage products and food ingredients;

(4) mechanical equipment and trade in the public catering industry;

(5) warehouse logistics system.

an introduction to the exhibition center

the exhibition center is divided into two parts: conference center and exhibition hall. the conference center contains 70 meeting rooms. there are 16 exhibition halls. the total exhibition area is about 30,000 square meters.